About us

Our vision

Provide every player with the opportunity to grow every day.

Our mission

Enhance youth soccer training by providing accessible technology that elevates coaching methodologies and empowers player development

How it all started

My journey into the world of soccer started across the Atlantic, in the rich cultural world of European soccer, where I was lucky to grow up, where soccer is more than just a game. Growing up in a family with a legacy of professional soccer, I was surrounded by the world of soccer on the most competitive European level. This background gave me a unique perspective when I came to the United States for my studies, getting to know the American soccer scene firsthand.

The difference was clear, showing the varied approaches and philosophies that shaped each culture's connection with soccer. However, it was when I went back to Europe, and later, as the world was dealing with the big challenges of a global pandemic, that a key realization hit me. With facilities closed and traditional training halted, the need for a solution to allow players to continue their soccer journey was needed.

In response, we came up with a simple yet effective platform designed to help youth soccer players to continue their growth on their own, dealing with the limits brought by the pandemic. This first idea, although it would go through several changes, set the groundwork for our vision: to make world-class training methods available to all, removing the obstacles of expensive equipment and exclusive facilities.

At the center of our mission is a deep respect for the team spirit of soccer, along with recognizing the important role coaches have in developing talent. We are committed to the idea that by giving coaches the resources they need, we can improve their ability to offer personalized guidance, meeting the specific needs of players of all ages.

Our path from idea to reality has been driven by a desire to close gaps, promote inclusivity, educate coaches, players, and parents, and improve the youth soccer experience, making sure every player has the chance to reach their highest potential. This is the core of FlickTec: a dedication to supporting the next generation of soccer talent through innovation, accessibility, and the strength of the community.

Lukas Pivarnik

Meet the team

Karel Drnec is a CTO and co-founder of FlickTec.

Karel Drnec

Co-founder & CTO

Lukas Pivarnik is a founder and CEO of Flicktec.

Lukas Pivarnik

Founder & CEO

Roman Pivarnik is UEFA Champions league coach, and technical director, who is advisor and author of FlickTec training program.

Roman Pivarnik

Technical director & advisor

Roman is our advisor and and author of the training methodologies found in FlickTec app. His extensive experience in nurturing young talent into professionals capable of competing on Europe's grandest stages is at the heart of what makes FlickTec's training approach unique.

A former professional player, Roman's career highlights include a double with Rapid Wien in 1996, securing both the Bundesliga and National Cup titles. He also reached the finals of the European Cup Winners' Cup and participated in the UEFA Champions League, marking the pinnacle of his playing career.

Transitioning into a managerial and coaching role in 2000, Roman continued to make his mark by winning the Czech Spercup in 2012 and leading Victoria Pilsen to the UEFA Champions League. With over two decades of experience at the highest levels of European football, he holds a UEFA Pro Licence and a Master's degree in Physical Education.

As the Technical Director for the Slovak Football Association, Roman leads the innovation in training practices for youth national teams and fosters soccer development in the all levels of soccer.

Currently, as the Technical Director of the Slovak Football Association, Roman oversees methodologies in youth national teams and overall soccer development at all levels of soccer. His depth of knowledge and experience is integral to FlickTec training programs and allows any young athlete to benefit from the best training practices.

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