Smartphone displaying FlickTec app that allows coaches have overview of team training schedule


Helping coaches develop winning players and teams

Elevating coaching methodologies and empowering player development, aiming to bring out the best in every team and individual player.

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Video of plyometric dynamic exercise for soccer player in FlickTec app for soccer players.


Professional training videos

We incorporate the methodologies used in the highest level of European soccer and national team academies.
Bringing these into every player’s living room.
The physical intensity and complexity of the exercises increase based on player level.

FlickTec app interface where coaches can which training to assign to players at home.

Ease of use

Personalized training for each player

It takes coaches 20 seconds to create training for the entire team.
FlickTec generates training personalized for every single player. Based on their age, previous load, player position, and more.

FlickTec app interface that allows coach to asking warm-up or cool-down after team session to save time.

Save time

Spend time on what matters when you are with your team

FlickTec lets players warm up and cool down individually, saving valuable time during team sessions.
Strength & conditioning, plyometrics, and ball mastery can be easily performed individually from the comfort of one’s home.

FlickTec soccer training video showing youth player how to perform ball drill exercise.

Have fun

Engaging training players love

Players can train for 5 or 60 minutes every day.
We incorporate the ball into most exercises to keep the players engaged and improve their feeling for the ball.

FlickTec app interface that empowers players to create home personalized training for them every day.


Opportunity to improve every day

Consistency is the key to players' development.
There are numerous aspects that soccer players need to master by a certain age, and training only during team sessions might not be enough.
Players get push notifications to notify them about training.

FlickTec app interface showing coaches which players completed the home training.


Keep your players accountable and motivated

Complete the overview of your team and see all the player activity on the app, resulting in more data and better decision-making.
Stay in touch with your players and watch as they progress. Motivate players with positive competition.

Calendar view in FlickTec app showing players when they training to easily track their progress.


Keep track of your week

Have all the important training information in one place.
Make the right decisions on the periodization of the training and limit the risk of overtraining.
Share team session or game details with your players.

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