Smartphone screen highlighting the FlickTec app's interface for coaches to efficiently organize and manage soccer team training schedules and activities.


Empower your players
to grow every day

FlickTec empowers your players to get better every day by providing them personalized training in all areas of the modern game.

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Calendar view in FlickTec app showing players when they training to easily track their progress.


Build better players and teams

Engage players outside of the field to improve their strength, stamina, speed, explosiveness, and technical abilities. FlickTec app generates personalized training all young players need to become complex soccer players.

Become more competitive

Provide the optimal training 
to every individual player

Stop looking for age-appropriate resources online and send them to players via messaging apps. We do all the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on your team.

FlickTec app interface where coaches can which training to assign to players at home.
FlickTec app interface showing coaches the overview of their team training participation.


All-year-long training

every dayThere are many times during the season when players do not get proper training time. FlickTec empowers players to improve everyday from the comfort of their home.


Have more data and make better decisions

Have an overview of your teams’ on-field and off-field training in one place. Know how much every player train and limit the risk of overtraining and injury.

Team progress detail in FlickTec app giving coaches the overview of their teem attendance.

Strengthen community

Provide more value to your 
soccer community

Offer a world-class training program to attract top talents, meet parents’ expectations, and make your organization stand out.

Methodologies used by UEFA Champions League teams

Meet Roman Pivarnik – author of the program

Roman Pivarnik, UEFA Champions league coach watching over training.

An experienced manager and coach with over 22 years of experience on the highest European levels, UEFA Pro Licence, Master's degree in physical education, UEFA Champions League, and Slovakian Football Association technical director experience.

UEFA Champions League coach

Technical Director of Slovak Football Association

Over 22 years of coaching experience

Alex Kao, President of Maryland Bobcats Youth Academy.

Alex Kao


Logo of Maryland Bobcats FC who is major FlickTec customer.

Maryland Bobcats FC

At the Maryland Bobcats we always strive to give our players the best environment and knowledge to better take their game to the next level. HIIT soccer has provided us with 
a supplement that has been so valuable for player physical growth. Doing some workouts are good but knowing specific exercises to do for a soccer player is even better and increases their chances for success.

Yuri Nascimento goalkeeper director for DSA United.

Yuri Nascimento

Goalkeeper Manager

Logo of DSA United who is FlickTec customers.

DSA United

When I played, many summers I would have weeks off from games and practices that I was just coaching and working. HIIT Soccer would have been perfect for someone like me at the time. I would have loved having many kinds of workouts picked for me to get ready for when the season came. Especially the short ones for days I didn't have much time but still wanted to get a session in.

Philip Farinacci - director of soccer for Christians Brother Academy.

Philip Farinacci

Director of Soccer Operations

Logo of Christians Brother Academy who is FlickTec customers.

Christians Brothers Academy

HIIT soccer simplifies fitness for coaches. No more planning outside training or offseason workouts. No more spreadsheets for tracking. The platform was easy to setup and easy to use for my players.

Frequently asked questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions. Schedule a free demo 
and we will answer all the questions you might have.

Is it difficult to set up training for my players?

Setting up training is extremely easy. All you need to do is select atraining category (e.g., HIIT, running, ball mastery, etc.) and the duration.The FlickTec app will generate the training tailored to your team's age, season phase, weekly schedule, and more, ensuring optimal training customization.

Can players train even if I do not assign training to them?

Yes, players can access personalized training sessions daily. Additionally, they can generate a recovery session to aid in regeneration and injury prevention. However, training assigned by the coach takes priority.

How does the app track and report on player progress?

Players receive notifications to perform training sessions you assign. Once they start the training sequence and successfully complete it, you will be able to view their participation details, including whether they skipped any parts or engaged in extra training.

Isn’t the training too easy or too difficult?

The FlickTec app tailors training based on the player's age and progression throughout the season. Since most training sessions are time-based, they are suitable for all skill levels, allowing more advanced players to perform more repetitions within the given time. Additionally, the app adjusts physical difficulty based on the game schedule to ensure players are optimally prepared and perform at their best.

For what age groups is it appropriate?

The FlickTec app is designed for players as young as 8 years old and is effective for all age groups. Training sessions are optimized for each age group, with physical difficulty and exercise complexity scaling with age.

How do I get started?

If your organization has not yet adopted the FlickTec app, you can book a call here and we will guide you through the setup process. If your organization already has access to FlickTec but you are unsure how to begin, please book a call here, and we will assist you in getting started.

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