How FlickTec Training App Is Helping Maryland Bobcats FC Provide More Training Opportunities for Youth Players


April 9, 2024

For Maryland Bobcats FC, the goal was clear: provide consistent, high-quality training to players, and the opportunity for them to improve every day, throughout the entire season. Alex Kao, the president of Bobcats’ youth academy and pro team head coach, has always been dedicated to enriching the training of youth players. This dedication was evident as he pursued his UEFA B Licence in Germany, during which time he encountered FlickTec. Intrigued by the idea and the potential of the training app he worked closely with the founding team to help bring the common vision to life. Alex shares his enthusiasm: "At the Maryland Bobcats, we always strive to give our players the best environment and knowledge to elevate their game to the next level."

The club needed a versatile tool that could offer training opportunities to players anywhere, anytime, ensuring that their development never stagnates. Moreover, to offer each player individualized European-level training where each player can grow step by step every day. Alex adds “FlickTec has provided us with a supplement that has been so valuable for player physical growth. Doing some workouts are good but knowing specific exercises to do for a soccer player is even better and increases their chances for success.”

U15 player during home match

FlickTec addressed this need with a state-of-the-art platform crafted for clubs aspiring to excel in their mission to develop future champions. FlickTec enables coaches to maintain connection with players off the field. This gives coaches the chance to focus more on team sessions on aspects that truly matter, when the team is together. Manuel Gonzalez, U14 coach, expresses how FlickTec enhances his training, "It is excellent for our young players to get extra training sessions and improve their ball mastery and fitness. These are 20/30 minute workouts with and without the ball that can be done at home and will help improve all facets of our kids' development."

Keeping young players focused on training, especially in the absence of a coach, is increasingly challenging. FlickTec positively motivates players and establishes robust training habits through engaging and effective home training, as explained by parent Scott Loney, "My sons utilize the FlickTec programs on off practice days or poor weather days to gain fitness training. The program is straightforward, easy to execute with minimal space or equipment, and allows for quick action that can be competitive." U16 player, Derek Jaucian regularly uses FlickTec mentions, "I thought FlickTec was really good. It's a great way to get extra touches and comfort on the ball."

U14 team after the match

The FlickTec app prepares players to be more ready for their next career step and boosts their confidence today. Miles Steinwald, U14 player, acknowledges, "FlickTec helps me feel stronger and ready to play. The extra training makes me feel more confident in games, whether I'm on or off the ball."

With the approach of spring, Alex plans to introduce one "FlickTec day" weekly, allowing players to perform their fourth weekly training at home. This saves travel time and provides coaches with a comprehensive overview of players' participation, offering more data to make informed decisions and track training throughout the season. This became particularly handy during winter months when outdoor training opportunities are scarce. For example, Steve Mento's son Oscar, "enjoyed doing both the drills and the agility. It was especially useful on rainy or cold days – to get some energy out!"

FlickTec is soon releasing a mobile app that will deliver training from a UEFA Champions League coach in an easy-to-use and engaging package for both coaches and players. With advanced features, the algorithm creates perfect training sessions for each player. It takes into account the player's age to optimize training for their developmental needs, their current training regime, the season phase to adjust physical load, and drills tailored to their playing position, as the requirements for defenders differ from those for strikers.

Upcoming FlickTec soccer training app

The FlickTec mobile app offers all categories of training that modern players need. From strength and conditioning through innovative HIIT sessions, ball mastery, plyometrics for explosiveness, running training for stamina and speed, to position-specific drills. Players can generate a personalized session each day or choose a recovery session to enhance flexibility, mobility, and prevent injuries. Reflecting on the opportunity for players to improve daily, Drew Wivell, U10 and U16 coach, states, "The introduction of FlickTec has been a great addition to all of my players at the club. It has notably improved the team's overall fitness levels. The app also provides a structured training plan day in and day out."

U14 player dribbling through defender in away game

It is a testament to the philosophy of Alex and the entire club to leverage modern technologies that are accessible to players at home and deliver the best possible value to their community. At FlickTec we are fully on our mission to provide the best training to every player from all backgrounds and Maryland Bobcats FC with Alex Kao, play an integral part in our story and shared determination to shape the future of soccer. Reflecting on the upcoming mobile app, Alex Kao echoes this sentiment: "We are looking forward to continuing with FlickTec."

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